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Since 2001, NMK has worked hard to build longterm relationships with our clientele

 by delivering quality designs satisfying their changing needs.

 Our Designer offers perspectives that take your vision to the next level.

 We believe in determining what your looking for by learning about 

 you and your sites features and attributes.

 From there we develop your design together  and make your

 dreams a reality.

Let our experience and knowledge bring beauty to your home.

Hello There!

My name is Norman Kovalchick, and I am the owner of NMK Landscaping. I started this business to fulfill my desire to provide beautiful legacy designs in my community and at the homes of my clients. I look at my creations as that opportunity.

I have been working in the horticulture and landscape industry for most of my 48 years. I started at the age of seven, being put on the lawn tractor and taught how to mow the lawn. Within a few years, I was rather obsessive about how it had to be done right.

My entrance into the Horticulture world began with a job out of high school 

working at the IBM Employee Country Club in Endicott, New York. 

Here, I found a deeper appreciation for beauty and presentation as a senior groundsman at the club. 

By 2000, I decided it was time to develop my passion into a business and started NMK Landscaping.

 In the years since I have primarily focused on designing, installing and maintaining residential landscapes 

in the Huntington Woods, Birmingham, and Bloomfield areas. 

After more then 20 years developing my landscaping skills and doing the hands on work, 

I'm focusing on become the designer and contractor,

bringing my years of experience and passion to over see a quality designs and installations that 

enhances the beauty and value of your home.


Why I Do This

 I decided that leaving this world a better place is possible.

I have learned

It takes passion, 


an understanding,

  what we do

and how we do it does matter.   

The trees and bushes I plant will outlive me. 

I may not have children,

 but I believe my designs are my way to make what I can


I look forward to improving your corner of the world.

Mission Statement

NMK Landscaping is a design service and contractor that looks to be a one-stop project manager overseeing a quality installation using select craftsmen and contractors to deliver the vision we develop together to satify your needs.

Vision Statement

We deliver beautiful creative solutions to our clientele by determining the needs, solving the problems and making the process an enjoyable experience for homes owners and businesses. 

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